How to Buy a House with No Down Payment through NACA (and finally get that backyard for your dog!)

How to Buy a House with No Down Payment through NACA (and finally get that backyard for your dog!)

I think one of the main reasons I wanted a house so badly was so that I could have a backyard for our dog, Oliver. I was reminded of this every time I would make the trek down and up  two flights of stairs, five times a day for dog potty breaks while we were living in an apartment. I did this for seven (LONG) years. At least it helped burn off those Tate's Bakehouse cookies I love so much! I dreamed of playing fetch with Oliver in the backyard, sipping on sweet tea while watching the kids play, gardening; the list went on an on. But how could we get there? After the recession of 2008, like so many others, our credit was less-than-perfect. Then, my husband read about NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America). Through NACA, we could qualify for a below-market interest rate loan (fixed rate) with no closing costs, no down payment, and a low credit score. It sounded too good to be true, but at that point, we were willing to give it a go.

The first step in the NACA process was to attend a NACA Homebuyer Workshop. There, we began the NACA process. We were assigned a Mortgage Counselor at our local NACA office, who we met with every couple of months. It took us about two years, because we moved during the process. The amount of paperwork I had to juggle was unbelievable, and it was like having a part-time job keeping up with it. Despite this, I am thrilled to say we got our house at a below-market interest rate with an affordable monthly payment (even less than we were paying in rent). We finally got that backyard for Oliver. Every time I play with him out there, I am reminded of how grateful I am. It wasn't easy, don't get me wrong. It involved constantly sending in paperwork and a ton of planning, but it was worth it. To learn more about the NACA program, visit their website.

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September 03, 2015

Ooh.. congrats! I wish we have a "NACA"like here in Europe, I tired of renting too.

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