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Step In Dog Harness - Match your Dog's Collar

Size Guide
Harness Size Chart
Silhouette of a dog with an arrow around its' girth, displaying dog collar sizing information.

Our Step In Dog Harness allows you greater control over your dog during walks, while lending some comfort for your dog. The design goes around the shoulders and behind the front legs. It features 3-way adjustability for a great custom fit. Available in 1", 3/4" and 5/8" widths to match any of our collars.

To put the harness on your dog, unbuckle the harness and lay it on the ground. Have your dog stand in the harness. Place your dogs front paws inside of the loops. Wrap the straps around your dog's shoulders and snap the strap buckle together on your dog's back. That's it!

XS 6" – 11" girth
S 9"  – 15" girth
M 14” – 21” girth
L 17” – 24” girth
XL 22” – 30” girth
XXL 30” – 36” girth

Please indicate which of our dog collars you would like us to match before adding to your cart.

To find your dog's correct size, please see our Harness Size Chart.

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